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Chin Surgery (Genioplasty) / Mentoplasty

Mentoplasty: Creating Facial Balance Through Chin Augmentation

Ideal facial balance starts with an ideal bony structure. This can be achieved through sculpturing and contouring your existing facial framework. One of the most commonly performed procedures to accomplish this mentoplasty, or chin augmentation.

A mentoplasty can bring a receding or weak chin into better harmony with other facial features and create a more pleasing balance. Because mentoplasty can improve the results of a rhinoplasty or facelift, it often is done in conjunction with these procedures.

After numbing with a local anesthetic, an incision is placed usually underneath the chin in a preexisting skin crease. An implant is placed underneath the soft tissue at the point of the chin to enhance the chin’s projection. Improvements are noticeable immediately after surgery, although some swelling is to be expected. An external dressing is usually applied and left in place for a few days to aid stabilization during the healing process.