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CO2 Fractional Laser

CO2 Fractional Laser

Our skin is composed of two layers, the inner and outer layer which called epidermis functions as a protective factor and the inner layer which is called dermis and offers structural support to the inner tissue as it holds the skin stretched and tight. The laser application and the heat which is produced by it is considered to be responsible for the stimulation of the hydroblasts of the hypodermic. A result of this is the production and mainly reconstruction of collagen fibers and elastin, components which are considered as the main factors which contribute to a youthful and tight skin. In this way we achieve a natural and in depth reconstruction, tightening and stimulating skin. The skin flakes in the same way as a sunburn but instead of the skin seeming damaged by the sun, a new healthier skin is blooming with this process.



Fractional laser

What is expected after a laser resurfacing treatment?

After the laser resurfacing treatment an intense change is expected in the quality of the skin. More specifically the new skin is presented younger, healthier and more shiny. Furthermore in combination with this we observe a significant reduction in the wrinkles and discoloration of the skin, as a result the skin appears to have a smoother surface. This treatment lasts for no more than 30 minutes for the whole face. The patients describe the treatment as feeling a hot, acute energizing pulse followed by an immediate sense of the skin being tightened. After this treatment a lot of patients feel a little discomfort like a sunburn and the face tends to become reddish. For the reduction of this discomfort suffixes are applied in the area. The use of local anesthesia by applying cream 30 minutes prior to the treatment also helps significantly to the successful completion of the process.

If you have wrinkles, fine lines, signs of acne, blurry old skin or discolored skin then you are considered as the ideal candidate for this treatment so as to achieve the emergence of a fresher, younger and shinier you. The current treatment with the use of the laser may also enhance the appearance of scars as well as remove pro cancerous neoplasms of the skin which are called hyperactosis.

The fall and the winter are considered as an ideal time for laser and chemical peeling treatments to take place they help the skin to regenerate after the decay caused by sun exposure during the summer months. For successful results it is important to refrain from sun exposure and of course to use a sunscreen with high protection. It is also important to mention that laser resurfacing appears to have dazzling results combined with other treatments of hydration like mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is done through injections on the whole face offering in depth hydration. Blood products therapy is a method used by sucking blood with the needle and injecting it with a blood product which is rich in components which help in the reconstruction of the skin.