Cyprus Facial Surgery


Dave Williams

A short time ago I made a video with Dr Demetriades relating to surgery I underwent in January 2018. Unfortunately, I didn’t explain myself clearly.

In November 2017 I was diagnosed with Cancer in my Parotid Gland and my Lymph Nodes within my neck. As you can imagine being told you have Cancer comes as a great shock, which leaves you wondering what the outcome is going to be.

For my initial consultation I was referred to Dr Demetriades at the American Heart Institute in Nicosia. Prior to this appointment I made a list of questions I wanted to ask Dr Demetriades, and unfortunately, this list was getting bigger by the day. My consultation was mid December when I met Dr Demetriades for the very first time. Prior to going into the consultation I felt anxious, nervous even frightened, because I didn’t know what was going to be said and what the outcome was going to be. When I was sat in front of Dr Demetriades he told me that I needed “Radical Surgery”, and this meant a Parotidectomy and a Neck Dissection in order to remove these Tumours. He then went on to explained in detail what all this meant and what surgery is required to rectify this problem. I just sat there listening to every word he had to say about my pending surgery. I never asked one question, I didn’t have to, because during the consultation Dr Demetriades answered everything I needed to know. Dr Demetriades came across as being very confident, competent in his field of expertise and most of all very compassionate towards his patients. I left his office feeling confident and reassured that I had the best surgeon working for me in order to remove these Tumours.

Mid January 2018 I was admitted into the American Heart Institute for my surgery to take place.

After my surgery, and I was conscious in my room, it was explained to me exactly what happened during surgery. My Parotid Gland was removed and the void that was left in my face was replaced with a muscle from within my shoulder. (Parotidectomy). I also had 23 Lymph Nodes removed from my neck. (Neck Dissection). However, during surgery Dr Demetriades found an infiltrated nerve that was passing through the Tumour in my neck which also had to be removed.

After surgery I only had to stay in hospital for 2 days before being discharged. Over the following few weeks I had to go back to see Dr Demetriades periodically in order to have my wound checked and finally the removal of the stitches. It was explained to me that my facial nerves will take time to recover from this surgery. However, I am now 5 months post op and my facial nerves are at 100% functionality. My face, eye brows, nose, mouth etc are all back to normal.

I have been asked if I would do all this again. My answer is YES. The surgery I have had was life saving, my life, and I cant thank Dr Demetriades and his team enough for their skills.