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Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Those information is designed to acquaint you with our services and to let you know what to expect from facial cosmetic surgery. Please read them at your leisure, beginning with the entire opening and the general sections relating to your specific interests. As you read, note down any questions you have so that we may discuss it during your consultation.

The decision to undergo facial cosmetic surgery is a very personal and important one, requiring mutual understanding and rapport between patient and surgeon. Fortunately, because this form of cosmetic surgery is largely elective, the patient is allowed adequate time to thoroughly understand the details and consequences of any desired procedure.

It is our intention to ensure that all questions answered completely, and that each patient approach surgery with the confidence and expectation born of a realistic understanding of the goals and limitations of surgery. Facial cosmetic surgeons are highly trained, skilled and artistic physicians, but they are not miracle workers.

The degree of success depends not entirely upon the surgeons’ technical skills and analysis, but also upon the limitations inherent in each patient’s skin type, bone structure, healing capacity and overall health status. If any limitations exist on your case, such limitations will be pointed out, and discussed with you factually and honestly. Certain patients are simply not good candidates for surgery and may be understandably disappointed when cosmetic surgery is not recommended or is delayed until a more appropriate time when results might be improved.
The goal of cosmetic surgery is to make you look as good as it is possible for you to look. We always try to produce ‘natural’ facial features and results, thereby improving appearance and minimizing facial abnormally.

Those notes will provide you with information and knowledge upon which intelligent decisions can be made. No portion of those information should be construed as implying a warranty or guarantee of any specific surgical result. Cosmetic surgical procedures have been performed successfully many thousands of times and are overwhelmingly dependable when executed by experienced surgeons. However, as with any surgical procedure, there is potential for risks and complications. These will be discussed in detail during the consultation.

First Things First

Facial cosmetic surgery is concerned with improvement in the appearance and function of facial structures. It is well accepted that a lot of people having such surgery each year. However, many people still know very little about this surgery. You have chosen to learn more and to consider some form of facial cosmetic surgery. Those notes is written to provide you with basic information and make you a better informed patien.

A Realistic Attitude

Any cosmetic surgery should be regarded as a way of making a deformity less conspicuous, thereby minimizing attention drawn to the deformity. The improved appearance often results in increased self-satisfaction and self-confidence. It is commonly accepted that facial cosmetic surgery can greatly help in minimizing the psychological trauma due to physical deformities such as protruding ears, oversized noses, birthmarks, and a host facial blemishes, sags, wrinkles and scars.

Cosmetic surgery, however, will not serve as a cure-all for the individual who blames his appearance for his lack of success in life. Those patients who expect miracles or magic from facial cosmetic surgery will be disappointed. From the perspective of aesthetic results, improvement is a more realistic goal than is perfection.

As noted earlier, results will depend not only on the skill and experience of the surgeon, but also on many other factors. These can include the health, age, bone structure, skin texture, healing capacity, and specific concerns of the patient. Some patients, because of these variables and because of the psychological considerations, may not be appropriate candidates for cosmetic surgery.

No surgical procedure should be taken lightly. A slight but real risk is involved in every surgical procedure. The patient must receive medications prior to, during and after surgery. While it is extremely uncommon, reactions can occur. Our team of surgeons and staff are specifically trained to prevent problems and improve outcomes for our patients.