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Labiaplasty Post-Operative Instructions

  1. Αfter getting home, continue resting comfortably for the next 24 hours. You may sleep in any position you feel comfortable in.
  2. You may apply ice compresses to the area every 2-4 hours during the first 24 hours after surgery. This may help to alleviate some of the swelling.
  3. If you experience pain, please take your prescribed pain medication as directed. This medication should be taken with food to prevent nausea. Extra strength Tylenol (Acetaminophen) may be taken in the place of your prescription.
  4. If you were discharged on an oral antibiotic, please take as prescribed by your doctor.
  5. If you were on the Vita Medica supplement plan, you may resume them after getting home. Remember to take with food. No other medication should be taken for the first 10 days after surgery. Avoid alcohol while taking any medications.
  6. 6You are to apply antibiotic ointment (Neosporin) twice a day (Once in the morning and once in the evening before bedtime) to the incision sites, unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.
  7. Call your doctors office immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms: Temperature above 101.8°F, shakes and chills, severe unrelieved pain, or bright red blood discharging form the incision sites.
  8. Drink plenty of fluids. It is easy to become dehydrated after surgery. Dehydration may cause nausea and dizziness.
  9. KEEP INCISION SITES CLEAN AND DRY FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS AFTER SURGERY. You may shower first 24 hours after surgery. Use a mild soap (Dove, Ivory, etc.) to wash the incision sites and gently pat dry with a soft clean towel.
  10. Sutures will be present along the incision sites and will dissolve on their own in about a week.
  11. It is normal to have some drainage of fluid from the incisions for several weeks. The color may range from red to yellow. This is a normal occurrence.
  12. You can expect edema (swelling) and ecchymosis (bruising) of the surgical area post-operatively. The amount of swelling and bruising varies with each individual patient.
  13. AVOID sexual activities until all sutures have dissolved or as directed by your doctor.
  14. Be aware that smoking or the use of unauthorized medications can lead to complications and jeopardize the results of your surgery.