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Laser treatments

Laser treatments

Facial Skin Resurfacing: Freshening Tired Skin

Aging skin develops fine lines and wrinkles along with changes toward a more sallow complexion. Although surgery is available to remove the deeper lines, improvement of the finer wrinkles and facial color can be best achieved through facial skin resurfacing. We will often recommend a home skin care treatment program before and after the resurfacing, as well as light facial peels to improve and maintain their beneficial effects.

Our resurfacing method of choice, after years of experience with various lasers and other ablative modalities, is with chemical peels. We have found peels to be the safest and most cost – effective way to reliably resurface facial skin. After thorough cleansing, a beam of laser light or the new coblation radiofrequency wave is applied to the areas of the face to lift off the superficial layer of the skin. Depending upon the depth of the resurfacing, the healing period may range from a few hours to a few days. For the in-office facial peels, we usually recommend a series of three peels, spaced four to six weeks apart for optimal improvement, followed by periodic maintenance peels. These office peels are associated with minimal discomfort and minimal recovery time so that patients may return to work immediately. Deeper level peels will require longer recovery times, up to 1-2 weeks. When satisfactory healing has occurred, you may resume wearing facial makeup. Physical activity should be limited for approximately five days following facial skin resurfacing procedures.

Laser Surgery: Removal of Prominent Blood Vessels

Congenital birthmarks, hemangiomas and prominent facial blood vessels maybe treated by laser applications. The laser is a special focused beam of light used to seal off the tiny vessels without injuring the surrounding normal skin. The results of this treatment usually are a nearly normal appearing skin area but vary with the particular patient and the particular process.

After outpatient laser surgery there usually is no restriction on activities. Some patients may require more than one treatment for satisfactory improvement.