Cyprus Facial Surgery




Mesotherapy is one of the most modern , effective and safe therapies which cosmetic medicine has to offer today. It is a pioneering technique of reconstructing the cells which may give a totally natural effect on the face characteristics without having to spend time in an operating room. Specifically it is a therapy which comes to aid the prevention part and the fight against wrinkles by stopping the decaying course of the anti-aging shield of the skin. When the environment and our behavior on the aging signs reaches 80 percent the choice of prevention may slow down the damage caused by time and keep impressively high the levels of quality and health of the skin.



Mesotherapy is the infusion of substances under the skin. It is applied among others on the face skin (face mesotherapy) and is used to correct the multiple and different problems of the skin. Face mesotherapy also is distinguished in simple face mesotherapy (with vitamin and hyaluronic acid solutions and also in autology face mesotherapy which instead of an outer solution uses the rich in blood cells product which is collected by the patients themselves.

Optionally an application of local anesthetic can be preceded .the needles penetrate in a small depth of (1-3mm) while the number of infusions varies depending on the treatment. The aim of face mesotherapy is to transfer under the skin certain substances like yaluronic acid vitamins and antioxidants,inorganic substances pyruvate sodium glucose and so on which contribute to anti-aging, hold the water under the skin and keep it fresh,hydrated and youthful. Indications for the need of face mesotherapy are dehydration, loosening,loss of firmness, or exposure to the sun

The effects of mesotherapy are:

  • Deep hydration
  • Anti-aging and reduction of thin lines
  • Prevention of new wrinkles
  • Improvement of baggy eyes and eye wrinkles
  • Brightness and healthy look on the skin
  • Mild tightening with special solutions

It is a therapy which is simple, quick (every session lasts about 20-30 minutes) without side effects and rather painless. After the end of the session there may be a mild irritation which backs off in a matter of hours. So anyone can return to their daily routine without any limitations as there is no special treatment needed after the therapy.

The effects are shown right after and before the session with the improvement of the skin texture and look. The desired outcome is achieved on the whole after 4-6 sessions between 15-20 days. After the initial 3 month stage we can go through a maintenance circle so there are 2 to 6 months in between so as to maintain the face fresh and renewed.

The cuticle is the outer visible section of the skin with which we come in contact with the environment the chorio is the in between tissue which is responsible for the texture, density and thickness of the skin while the subcutaneous is the fat tissue which connects the skin to the tissues.

In the middle layer of the skin, the chorio there are cells which are called fibroblasts and are responsible for the production of of special structural proteins of the skin. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These three substances are molecular unions which are found in the form of protein chains, are interacting among them and create the tissue known to us as skin.

With age the fibroblasts are degenerated and are lessened in numbers with a result for the skin to become thin, lose its volume and tightness. Given that the structural molecules of the skin are extremely molecules, their loss as structural substance of the tissues leads to dehydrated and thin skin with a tendency to create thin wrinkles or atrophy signs as well as deep on the skin.

To achieve the reconstruction function the skin cells need vitamins, antioxidant substances, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids all substances which when used in combination among them put the tissues in an anti-aging process.

In this part mesotherapy comes to fulfill its purpose. By using special medicines which contain substances with proved anti-aging and reconstructing action we transfer these substances right where they are needed, into the tired skin cell. In this way we achieve the boosting of the cellular environment with precious substances for the rebirth and reconstruction of the skin cells.

The outcome of the procedure of this therapy is considered to be impressive as it gives the skin freshness while it tends to look brighter and healthier. These are substances with strong anti-aging action.

Specifically the solution has a number of vitamins main of which are:

  • Vitamin c which has antioxidant use and protects collagen fibres while at the same time controls the formation of melanin and helps the rehydration of the skin.
  • Vitamin E which protects the cellular membrane and reinforces circulation.
  • Vitamin A which accelerates the production of hypodermic cells and strengthens the anti-aging effect.
  • Vitamin D contributing to the composition of calcium and
  • Vitamins of the group B which act on the cellular breathing and the production of collagen.

Other substances which are used in the face mesotherapy are amino acids necessary for the composition of proteins like collagen and elastin as well as minerals and micronutrients which are major factors in the correct function of a lot of enzymes which fight off the free roots.

Also the mesotherapy solution has elements like the enzyme Q10 a strong antioxidant which contributes to the creation of vitamis E and C and other enzymes which contribute to the smooth function of the skin.

The effects of mesotherapy are:

Different types of scars can be improved by using a variety of techniques. The overall goal of improvement is to minimize the appearance of the scars. You must realize that it is not ever possible to completely remove all traces of the scar since the body can only heal by forming a new scar. The goal of scar revision and dermabrasion is to render a scar less conspicuous.

Scar revision and dermabrasion procedures are done either in the office setting or in the outpatient surgery area. Healing generally takes several days and there usually is minimal restriction on activities. On occasion a scar revision surgery is combined with dermabrasion in a staged fashion to achieve the best results possible.

Dermabrasion is an excellent means of providing overall improvement in acne scarring. The scarring cannot be completely removed, but when combined with other minor procedures, dermabrasion can provide excellent smoothing of noticeable acne defects. The acne itself must be quiescent or inactive prior to dermabrasion.