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NANOFAT Grafting

The ultimate trend in facial rejuvenation now also in Cyprus. Nanofat treatment step by step for skin prejuvenation and rejuvenation and recovery.




Nanofat contains adipose derived regenerative cells that can help:

  • reduce scars
  • reduce redness
  • improve skin texture and quality
  • reduce dark circles and pores
  • increase hydration

Do You Know What NANOFAT Is?

Nanofat is a new concept in fat grafting, which enables the physician to treat very fine lines and thinning skin associated with aging using very tiny parcels of the matrix and it’s stromal vascular fraction, which include regenerative cells, growth factors and other regenerative material. Nanofat can be used in patients for superficial fat replacement to restore thinning skin to a more youthful condition. Nanofat will reverse some of the architectural changes in elastin and collagen, actually showing regeneration of the tissues.


At FACES+ we use Nanofat and stromal vascular enriched fat as a tissue graft for:

  • fine lines
  • forehead rejuvenation
  • smoker lines around the lips (perioral rhytids)
  • sun damage, often in combination with fractional lasers (Nanofat Laser)
  • Nanofat Microneedling for deep dermal delivery
  • acne
  • scars


We use Nanofat during Laser Resurfacing to:

  • deliver growth factors
  • regenerative cells
  • other regenerative cells
  • into the skin much as platelet rich blood product is used.

The MAIN difference is blood products have smaller amounts of growth factors and tend to increase the blood supply, but do not regenerate elastin and collagen nearly as much as Nanofat and Stromal Vascular Fraction.


There are 6 steps in obtaining Nanofat from all of us:

  1. Local anesthesia and a needle puncture in the skin as when you have blood drawn.
  2. A small amount of local anesthetic is introduced using a rounded cannula which is gentler than a needle.
  3. Withdrawal of one or two syringes, a little larger than the tubes used for a blood draw.
  4. The fat is washed with a specific device.
  5. The fat is progressively made into smaller microscopic parcels of fat by a special device.
  6. The microscopic parcels of fat are further modified into Nanofat by passing through 2 screens of different sizes.