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Nasal Reconstruction (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty: Creating the Nose You Always Wanted

Rhinoplasty is the surgical procedure for correcting structural deformities of the nose. It involves redesigning the nose either by removing excess tissues or correcting insufficiencies to improve overall nasal contour and function. Your surgeon can shorten a long nose, narrow and wide one, reduce a wide tip, lower a high nose, and straighten a crooked one. The incision is placed in relatively hidden positions, such as inside the nostril or underneath the nose, to avoid visible scarring.

Rhinoplasty usually is performed on an outpatient basis. You may be required to wear an external splint for a few days. During this time you can resume non- stressful activities like bathing, shampooing and walking. You must keep the splint dry so that is does not fall off; it is held in place by tape only.

After the splint is removed, your nose may appear slightly swollen. Within two weeks after surgery, most patients can return to full activities. Although most of the swelling will be resolved after the first two weeks following surgery, the final results may not be evident for several months due to the normal healing process.