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With the modern way of life, time is constricted while at the same time everyone’s economic state is being deteriorated. The new style lift has the potential to overcome these difficulties to a great extent. It offers immediate results in a shorter period of time as it allows the person to return to work as usual in a matter of days without bruises a break from work which is needed in a standard lifting. The dream of a much younger face is becoming a reality with a safer and more economical approach in comparison to the traditional techniques for facelifting, neckline and eyeline.




How safe is the new style life procedure?

It is an extremely safe procedure and safer than the traditional lifting as the danger of general anesthesia is done away with. It is in the opposite side of the spectrum compared to extreme face plastic surgeries where the patient is in a dangerous spot while under general anesthesia and often do not look like themselves for a period of months or even years.

The surgical procedure of a new style lift

The procedure of a new style lift differs of that of a traditional face lifting. A small incision is performed inside the ear where the skin is uplifted and simultaneously tightened, the jaw line is reset and the desired result is to tighten the neck and transform the face so as to look 10 to 20 years younger. It is a surgery which takes place in a comfortable and specially equipped operating room.

With this specific technique the deeper muscular tissue or the SMAS tissue is pulled up or down (potentially cut) and repositioned to its initial position. The lessened skin is then cut and the incision is closed. Moreover the neck muscles might be stiched together. This technique has the ability to be combined with surgical procedures on the eyelids, uplifting of eyebrows, CO2 laser, fat transplant, liposuction with the aim of reducing the fat under the skin area and raising it.

Advantages of the new style lift

The procedure of the new style lift is adjusted to every individual separately achieving the desired change in th skin age, the eyes and the neck area. At the same time it highlights the result of a more natural and refreshing look. Instead of a traditional full face-lift which is performed with general anesthesia and lasts for about 4 hours with a long recovery period which confines the person for weeks, the new style lift lasts for about 1:30 hours, it is done with local anesthesia and at the same time it allows a speedy recovery. Within a few days the patient is able to return to their daily routine.



  • After getting home, continue resting comfortably for the next 24 hours with your head elevated. Have someone assist you in getting up out, going to the restroom, etc. for the first day or two.
  • For the next 3-5 nights, sleep on your back with 3 to 4 pillows behind your head and back. This will help minimize the amount of facial edema (swelling) and ecchymosis (bruising) after surgery. This bruising & swelling usually subsides within 4-6 weeks after surgery.
  • To help minimize swelling and discomfort, you may apply ice cold compresses to the sides of your face during the next 24 hours after surgery.
  • If you experience pain, please take your prescribed pain medication as directed. This medication should be taken with food to prevent nausea. A simple pain killer may be taken in the place of your prescription.
  • If you were discharged with an oral antibiotic it should be taken through its full cycle as directed.
  • If you were on the Vita Medica supplement plan you may resume after getting home. No other medication should be taken for the first 10 days after surgery. Avoid alcohol while taking any medications.
  • Call your doctors office immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms: Temperature above 101.8°F, shakes and chills, severe unrelieved pain, or bright red blood from the incision sites, localized swelling with redness and warm to the touch, or sudden onset of significant swelling to the face or neck.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. It is easy to become dehydrated after surgery. Dehydration may cause nausea and dizziness.
  • You must keep all incision sites clean and dry for the first 24 hours after surgery. After 24 hours you are allowed shower, wash your face, and shampoo you hair with mild based soap/shampoo. To dry, gently pat with a soft clean towel.
  • You will have sutures in and around your scalp. Be very careful when combing our hair so that you do not pull on them. You are allowed to use a blow dryer on a LOW AND COOL SETTING ONLY after your first visit with your doctor. You are not allowed to perm or color your hair for approx. 4-6 weeks after surgery or otherwise instructed by your doctor.
  • Do not engage in any strenuous activities for the next 4-6 weeks after surgery. Avoid bending over or lifting heavy objects. Exertion that elevates blood pressure can cause bleeding. You may resume light exercise and or your normal activities after your first post operative visit with your doctor.
  • You can expect edema (swelling) as well as ecchymosis (bruising) around your face after surgery. The amount of edema and ecchymosis depends on the extent of surgery as well as the individual’s tendency to bruise.
  • Because NICOTINE is a vasoconstrictor, it is REQUIRED to ABSTAIN from SMOKING or any other form of nicotine 2 weeks before and after surgery to PREVENT unnecessary circulatory complications as well as poor healing results.
  • It is greatly suggested to use sunblock with a minimum of SPF 15 for the next 3 months to help protect your incision sites from burning. All fresh new scars are hypersensitive to sunlight, causing a tendency to burn.