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Our Premisses

The American Medical Center

American Heart Institute is the first private hospital on the island to specialize in non-invasive and invasive cardiac interventions and the entire spectrum of adult cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery.

From an architectural point of view, the building already became a landmark structure. A triangular shaped canopy at the main entrance is a very characteristic architectural feature designed to offer protection and comfort to patients, visitors and employees, while at the same time is giving the building its own unique identity, thus making it a point of reference.
The emergency Department with a separate access road to the American Heart Institute Main Building is fully equipped with a complete patient monitoring system and is within short distance to the radiology department, chemistry laboratory, operating theatres and CathLab.
A helicopter landing pad on the roof of the hospital helps to save time in emergency cases, considering often overly congested roads.

The hospital employs more than 150 staff members and is a center of excellence in cardiology, performing the entire spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic cardiology and cardiac surgery procedures for adults.

The 50 bed center, ισ supported by state-of-the-art technology including a highly sophisticated building management system to analyze and optimize it’s energy utilization.

The Hospital Information System (HIS) covers all departments and services offered, e.g.

  • RIS/PACS – Radiology Information System/ Picture Archive & Communication System
  • LIS – Laboratory Information System
  • Material management
  • Financing and administration area.
  • Patient comfort is one of the highest priorities of AHI, therefore the very impressive new building includes a welcoming, well arranged reception area, modern cafeteria, well equipped waiting areas with indoor gardens for patients and families.

Each patient has his own individual multimedia cockpit that will provide access to internet, Skype, telephone, nurse call and personal entertainment, being able to choose from a variety of educational and other DVD’s.

Additionally the patient has the flexibility to order on line the menu of his choice from a high end cafeteria-catering service on the premises.