Cyprus Facial Surgery




A revolutionary method corrects the loose face and body without needles and incisions. A new technique of dealing with loosening of the face and body has made its appearance lately in the field of bloodless surgery. It is the sublimate (ionizing of gases) in which the excess skin is converted into steam with the use of a innovative machine, the Plexr. The specialist doctor having three different “guns” intervenes where there is excessive skin and bloodlessly corrects the loosening in areas such as the upper eyelids, the arms, around the bellybutton, the upper lip and elsewhere.


The Plexr uses a small electric bow which looks like a little lightning, so as to raise the temperature accordingly to a specific zone evaporating the skin tissues without however affecting the deeper skin layers. Especially for the eyelids this technique is highly dynamic because during the correction procedure it allows the patient to blink their eyes therefore having a sculpting effect in the best possible way.

According to every person’s skin type and the way it ages the results may last for 6 to 8 years. This method is applied in the surgery with only the use of an anesthesia cream. The <<recovery>> is speedy as there are no incision marks or stiches but only a transient reddishness in the area which may well be covered with simple makeup products. Also, tissue studies have shown that with the use of the Plexr other complications can be avoided like scars, discoloration and others which apply to different methods.


  • NO stiches
  • NO sculptor or Laser
  • NO hemorrhages
  • No necrosis or burn
  • Protection of adjacent tissues
  • Selective sublimation of ceratine cells
  • Permanent effect

The most important of all is that all of the above are performed WITHOUT SURGERY, WITHOUT SCARS, WITHOUT INCISIONS, and in the comfort of a doctor’s surgery office.