Cyprus Facial Surgery


Postoperative Care

Postoperative Care

Following your surgery you will go to the recovery room until you become alert enough to return to Day Surgery. The nurses will give you specific care instructions. You will remain in Day Surgery until you are discharged later in the day by your physician. Upon discharge you will receive a set of discharge instructions to follow at home. These are very important and should be followed very closely. You also will receive any prescriptions for medications at this time. The medications you receive will allow you to be comfortable and relaxed. Upon discharge, be sure to have someone available to take you home. We strongly recommend having someone stay with you for the first 48 hours after surgery. Patients who live out of Cyprus may desire to remain in Cyprus for a few days after surgery, depending upon the procedure performed and when post-operative visits are required.

During the first post-operative checkup, you will be given instructions on how to take care of the surgical area as well as instructions on taking any medication during the healing period. A return appointment also will be scheduled at that time. All sutures and surgical clips usually are removed during the first week after surgery. Subsequent appointments will be scheduled at two or three months, six months and one year until the healing process is complete. It is most important for you to keep these appointments since they are vital to ensuring the best possible results from your surgery. It is our policy that patients are not charged for routine post-operative visits when they have paid their surgical fee in advance. It is your responsibility to assist us in monitoring the healing process and to call us and see us when a problem or concern arises.

Finally, please remember that the foregoing discussions are general in nature. The specific details relating to your individual needs will be thoroughly discussed with you. Always keep In mind that following plastic surgery, it frequently takes time for the intended final result to become apparent. Be patient while your body goes through the process of healing. Quite often, we will be able to make suggestions for a more rapid improvement.

A successful outcome results from a combination of three variables:

  1. your general health and your body’s ability to heal;
  2. the competence of your facial plastic surgeon; and
  3. your cooperation and determination to follow all instructions, both pre- and post- operatively.