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Risks of Facial Plastic Surgery

Risks of Facial Plastic Surgery

Every surgical procedure involves some degree of risk. Risk is defined in terms of possible complications, disappointments, or surgical results, which may not much one’s expectations. Although quite rare, other risks may include reactions to medications or to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, poor healing, numbness, swelling, injuries to muscles or nerves, discoloration of tissues, scarring, and even death.

Every patient should be aware of these possibilities and is encouraged to inquire about the realistic risks associated with the contemplated procedure. Every patient also is encouraged to discuss any concerns with the surgeon in advance. To reduce the risks inherent in any surgical procedure, our surgical team works closely with qualified professionals in all areas of expertise throughout the entire hospital/clinic to ensure that our patient’s exposure to risk is minimized.

Our operating rooms and recovery rooms are staffed by registered nurses. These nurses are superbly trained and experienced in all aspects of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery care from pre operative discussions to post-operative care.

Anesthesia services are provided by licensed anesthesiologist physicians.