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Smart Lipo Assisted Lipo Suction

Smart Lipo to the neck is safe and effective. We even use it on patients with little fullness in their necks, as the laser will assist in skin tightening. These are safe procedures done in the office with local anesthesia. The advantage of using the laser versus standard liposuction is the heating of the skin from the laser energy, which should produce more skin tightening than can be achieved with liposuction If anything it has expanded the range of candidates who are eligible for stand alone liposuction to the neck. Traditional (non laser assisted) liposuction to the neck is dependent on the patient having good skin elasticity, so that the skin can recoil back after the fat is removed. We now can perform this on appropriate older patients that were not candidates for the traditional procedure.

What are the benefits of Smartlipo?

  • Treats unwanted fat and fat tissue irregularities
  • Promotes tissue coagulation resulting in skin tissue tightening
  • Treats flabby or lax skin and areas of high vascularity
  • Minimal edema and bleeding due to the laser’s hemostatic properties
  • Minimal bruising
  • Causes less trauma and faster healing time than traditional liposuction

What type of system is used?

The Smartlipo is an Nd:YAG laser with high peak power and a high rep rate of 40 Hz. The laser energy is delivered using a 300 micron fiber which is threaded through the handpiece and cannula.

Does this procedure have FDA Clearance?

The Smartlipo has been cleared by the FDA for laser-assisted lipolysis. It is also cleared for incision, vaporization, ablation and coagulation of soft tissue.

Who can use the Smartlipo?

Currently, only physicians who have previous liposuction ex- perience are able to purchase the Smartlipo laser. Prior lipo- suction experience will shorten the learning curve significantly. Those without prior liposuction training and experience should be trained based on the guidelines of the American Acad- emy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Does laser-assisted lipolysis produce lasting results?

Yes! The Smartlipo procedure permanently destroys the treated fat cells. Adults do not create new fat cells. When a person gains weight, that person’s fat cells simply expand. Should you gain weight, that fat will most likely be deposited in areas where the procedure was not performed.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure?

Ideal candidates are in good health, close to normal body weight and have realistic expectations for the results. If the person has areas of fat that will not respond to diet and exer- cise, then that person is a candidate for laser-assisted lipolysis.

How many treatments are required?

For most patients, typically only one treatment is required. The session may last from 45 minutes to one hour for each area treated. Laserlipolysis is also an ideal choice for “touch ups” and revisions.