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Soft Tissue Injections

Soft Tissue Injections

Our office offers an array of soft tissue injectable for facial augmentation. These materials are superb in providing filling of the deflated areas of the face, cheeks, lips, and smile folds. We are happy to discuss your specific concerns and recommend an individually tailored treatment program designed just for you. We always advise avoiding for one week any medications and supplements which may increase the risk of bruising from injection treatments.


There have been so many advances made in the field of facial injectable that they are now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed.

New injectable
A virtual revolution is going on with the development of injectable. Many different products have been used safely and effectively for many years in Europe, Canada, and Australia. These injectable have been passing FDA scrutiny and many have been cleared for use in the USA. Each coming year will bring the introduction of new injectable.

What injectable is the best?
There is no easy answer for this question as each injectable has different advantages and disadvantages. Contemporary cosmetic surgeons use multiple injectable to assist the various problems associated with facial aging. It is rare that any contemporary surgeon uses only a single injectable. In reality it is important to separate the marketing and media hype from the true clinical science of injectable facial injectables. It seems that each time a new injectableis FDA approved, it is hyped as “the best and longest lasting injectable in history”, that is until the next month when the next injectable comes out. In reality, they are all good for specific indications. Sometimes they are like “Coke” and Pepsi” in that they are made of the same ingredients and do the same thing. Some patients or doctors simply like one better than the other.

All doctors and patients want injectable to last long. As injectable science progresses the longevity of injectable is increasing. Although we want things to last long, sometimes it is a good thing that they go away. What looks good or is in style today may not look good or be in style in 5 years. Due to this, injectable that will eventually be absorbed by the body may be preferable.

The contemporary cosmetic surgeon is somewhat of a “injectable bartender” and has multiple injectable choices specially tailored for specific applications.

Common FDA Approved Facial injectable used by Dr Demetriades?

Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid
Poly lactic acid
silicone oil
Autogenous fat

What can injectable do?
Many patients misunderstand injectable and sometime confuse them with Neurotoxin Injections. Injectables are substances that are injected under the skin or lips to plump up the tissues. For the lips, injectables can provide an increase in lip size as well as enhancing the definition. They can also plump out “lipstick lines” that develop in many female patients.

For skin wrinkling, injectable are usually used for nasolabial folds (laugh lines) or bigger, deeper wrinkles. Injectablecan also be used to augment facial anatomy to make bigger cheeks, chin or to fill in defects and scars.