Cyprus Facial Surgery


The Consultation

The Consultation

Prior to your consultation visit, our office will have asked you to complete the medical history questionnaire and bring it with you. Be sure to list and describe any medical condition(s) you have had in the past or have presently. Please list all of your previous surgeries. Please also list all allergies and all reactions you have had to foods, medicines, synthetic products, latex rubber, soaps, ointments, surgical tape adhesives, etc. In addition, carefully list all medications, vitamins, herbal remedies, aspirins, ibuprofens (Advil, Motrin, Nuprin), antihistamines, decongestants, or any medication for skin conditions you currently take or sure, and what you have taken within the last six months. Be sure to include all dosages of each medication and how often you take the medication.

During your visit, we will discuss your desires and the conditions you wish to have corrected or improved. This will be followed by an examination and an analysis of each condition. We will give you an idea of what we believe can be accomplished in your particular situation. The expected improvements of each procedure will be discussed along with the limitations, risks and alternatives. Please ask any questions that may concern you about the proposed surgical procedure. During that first visit, we will take a set of medical photographs. This is to help us accurately record the existing condition or problem and to allow a means for comparison after surgery is complete.

When scheduling procedures, patients with tight timelines, such as returning to school or work, vacation or other commitments, should advise our scheduling staff. Preliminary tests such as blood counts, x-rays, EKGs, and consultations with other medical specialists also may be necessary prior to surgery, depending on your specific condition and procedure.